The LIQUID HOLSTER ® is made from top notch plastic to handle the bumps and is UV stable so won't go brittle if left out in the sun. Taking up to a 800ml drink container (27 fluid ounces) or bottle of wine, it is the perfect drink holder!

Fits All

A funky recreational self-levelling drink holder. The universal attachment fits to baby strollers/buggies, golf trundlers, bicycles, and to rehabilitation and marine equipment. The design aesthetic is clean and modern, a perfect match for todays modern style equipment.

The Braket


Purchasing The Braket

Weight – 55gram
Height – 8.5cm
Length – 5cm
Width – 4 cm

$13.59 inc GST

The Basket


Purchasing The Basket

Weight – 80 grams
Height – 16.5cm
Length – 9cm
Width – 10cm

$13.59 inc GST

The Liquid Holster Drink Holder

Liquid Holster is the ultimate drink holder with its multifit and self-levelling systems. It fits drink bottles up to 800ml (27oz) and delivers hands free convenience whether you are in the car, strolling your baby in the park or at the golf course.

Installation is quickly done in five easy steps and the multifit system ensures a perfect fit to most tube sizes.

Liquid Holster is made of two parts: bracket (12mm diameter) and basket (35mm diameter), and it attaches to all square or round tubing between 12mm and 35mm (0.39” and 1.3”). It’s made with durable materials and fasteners are of the highest stainless steel quality.

All Liquid Holster products come with a 12-month warranty.

$27.23 inc GST

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